weight loss

Weight Loss

If you are overweight or even obese (Body Mass Index BMI over 30) you are not alone and should not feel isolated. Losing weight and, in the main by this I mean fat, is not easy and requires dedication, courage and motivation in order to change your current lifestyle. This is where I come in; I will construct a weight loss programme specific to you, which will be centered on achieving your goal. Together we will not only look at increasing your calorific expenditure through exercise and activities of daily living, but also your diet and reducing the amount of calories from fats and sugars.

Loosing fat and reducing weight takes time; it is normal for the places you most want to reduce fat from, the tummy, and the thighs to be the last to loose it. Don’t panic it will happen, and I am here to provide the motivation, skills, encouragement and support to ensure you succeed.

What PTD clients say...

"I have lost 37lbs, and made good progress improving my fitness. Chris has been good at motivating, and good at making sure I set reasonable goals."

Jamie Blake