I started with Chris six months ago after spending years battling with my weight and fitness and I had really found it hard to get motivated as I was so out of shape.
I was quite anxious before meeting Chris as I was so unfit but as soon as I met him he put me at ease and I could see it was going to be a start of a positive journey. Every session is really well planned for - hard enough to know you have worked hard but not too much to make you never want to exercise again!
Chris varies what we do each week and tailors the hour to exactly what I need. He gives me advice on food and ideas for exercise outside of the sessions with him as well.
Since starting with Chris, my blood pressure had come down, I am no longer pre-diabetic, and most importantly I feel so much fitter and stronger. Lots of people have commented how different I look which has given me a real boost. I had tried to lose weight and get fit so many times and failed and this time I have only achieved it and still achieving it because of Chris’ support. Thanks Chris!


I started going to Chris in November 2015. I'd already lost quite a bit of weight (3 stone) but had plateaued so decided to give exercise a try. The usual story though, I didn't feel confident enough to go to a gym, I still had a fair bit of weight to lose and I had no clue how to exercise having avoided all forms pretty much for all of my 52 years! I started going to Chris and my life changed. I know it sounds dramatic but I cannot underestimate the impact that Chris's coaching / training has had on me. Every session is planned and recorded and my progress is monitored. We do lots of different types of exercise focusing on different areas each session. From not even being able to run for 20 seconds a year ago, I can now run at a steady pace and I'm getting better every week! I'm fitter, I'm motivated and I use language like "I PB'd tonight ........". That's Athlete Talk for Personal Best! I never knew I had it in me and I'm hooked. I will be doing that 5k run in 2017 (with your help 😀). Thanks Chris!!

Sharon Hindley

Just wanted to say a massive “thank you” for your encouragement, guidance, motivation, humour and patience over the last 10 sessions! I have to admit I was very apprehensive when Pat first suggested hiring a Personal Trainer for us both to workout together - I couldn’t imagine what exercise or workouts we could do as a couple in their late forties/early fifties due to our different fitness levels and very different goals. I was also concerned that I might feel a little intimidated by you because I felt so unfit, had put on 2.5 stone over the last 10 years plus I’m fast approaching 50. I had dabbled with the gym a couple of years ago but over time found it boring and eventually lost focus. In the meantime Pat had enjoyed running but no matter how hard he tried his stamina never seemed to improve. Although we had a shared goal to become fitter and stronger, my goal was also weight loss, whilst Pat’s main aim was to improve his running. Well, 10 sessions later and over 1 stone lighter, my shape has changed, my attitude to diet and exercise has changed (I’ve even started jogging myself) and I’m thrilled!! Pat is now running further than he’s ever done and is considering a half marathon next year. You gave us the motivation to do this Chris so again a big big Thank you!!

Donna & Pat

After years of not being motivated enough to complete sessions of aerobic and gym classes, Chris has finally shown me how I can achieve fitness as well as given me a better attitude towards healthy eating and living in general. I've achieved my key target, dropped two dress sizes and according to my family and friends am now a very different shape. I'm now focused on the next target.

Julie Fairman

I had just come out of the dark cloud of a years serious health issues. My fitness levels were non existent, climbing the stairs required significant effort and determination, I have lived by the ocean for a year and only managed to make it to the beach once.

Then I engaged PTD, Chris evaluated my health limitations and created a bespoke fitness plan to restore my stamina.

Meeting every week at my home for 12 weeks, I am now walking between 8 and 10 miles a week and running up the stairs. Our weekly walks are for 2.5 miles at a healthy 3 miles per hour.

Weight loss and exercise are important to my long term recovery and Chris can monitor my daily calorie intake and exercise remotely, providing encouragement all week long then reviewing each week.

I now have ten times more energy for both home and work allowing me to regain control of my life.

I couldn’t have done it without PTD, Chris gave me the confidence to know when to push and when to pace myself, without it I would have failed by hurting myself.

Michael J. Horton

I had reached the point in my fitness where I had hit a plateau and was not really knowing what to do next. I spoke to Chris and started a programme of strength and cardio development. I lost over a stone in weight in 6 weeks and around 3-4 inches from my waist whilst gaining muscle. It was tough but Chris was a great motivator and kept mixing up the training to keep it interested. I am now training for a half marathon with the aim of doing a sub 1:45 which will be over 30 mins off my personal best. Without Chris putting me on the right path I don't believe I would have go there.

Dave Tyas

I have been working with Chris for a few months now and am so proud of what he has helped me to achieve. When we first met, I was doing virtually no exercise, using my busy life running a restaurant and my fear of gyms as an excuse. However Chris arranged to meet me where i live in Looe outside by the beach eary morning before work to do our sessions.

Over the few months i have been working with Chris I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight (without going on a fad diet), 2 dress sizes and have gone from running just 5 minutes to running the Bristol 10k in a few weeks time.

His help and support have been fantastic and i would recommend him to anyone like me who needed guidance and motivation.

Thankyou for all your help

Fay Hancock

I have tried many different types of exercise and have always found it hard to maintain a regime. Since moving to Cornwall I was keen to find a personal trainer that could motivate me and plan a full timetable of diverse exercise.

Chris has been brilliant at listening to my needs and also motivating me to attain the goals we set. He has got me back into swimming and has helped me to focus my effort with running. He has also given me the confidence to start taking part in races (I already have several booked for next year). With his guidance I have been really focusing on my times and I am now running faster than I ever thought I could. I am also noticing big changes in my body every week. If I keep it up maybe I will overtake Chris one day!

Ben Bailey

Chris' knowledge expertise and professionalism are an inspiration to all of our aspiring professional tennis players. The results he has achieved are specific and measureable with 100% of our players improving their rankings as a direct result of his training.

Adrian Williams, Performance Programme Manager - LevertonWilliams Tennis

I'm delighted with what we achieved together Chris. If it hadn't been for your support & encouragement (nagging?!) I wouldn't have considered joining EC Harriers, which in turn is pushing me further still. While I'll never be (and don't want to be) a finely honed athlete my running has dramatically improved since I/we began our sessions along with my half marathon race times, and I'm determined to set myself more goals to carry on improving. You pitch it just right and I'd recommend you to anyone!

Siobhan Brook

Chris has been my personal trainer since November last year -some 20 weeks. First of all he asked me what my aims were, followed up with a fitness assessment. He drew up a plan of exercise which suited me. He is professional, and very helpful. My aim was to loose weight and get fit ! I have lost 37lbs, and made good progress improving my fitness. He has been good at motivating, and good at making sure I set reasonable goal.

Jamie Blake

It is one thing in wanting to get fit but it is totally different getting fit! However since meeting Chris I have started to really enjoy my fitness regime. Chris always turns up on time, is always prepared with the right equipment and his tremendous enthusiasm and ability to encourage hard work makes every workout fun. Most importantly Chris provides regular feed back as to progress made. I believe that it would be hard to find anyone as committed to other peoples health and fitness as Chris...

Richard Bateman Cert PFS MDRT

I am 52 years old and woke up to the fact that I was overweight and unfit. At 5’9 tall and 14 ½ stone and getting heavier, something had to be done! I did not feel comfortable and was embarrassed to take off my shirt and don shorts in the summer. The answer was not simply diet, but “lifestyle change”. A combination of managed exercise, and eating healthy food.

When I met Chris from www.personaltrainerdirect.co.uk I had already changed my eating habits and now knew the exercise had to kick in to achieve my goal of being healthy, fit and enjoy better agility.

Being busy working and traveling it’s easy to make excuses not to do the exercise and worse do exercise that is not achieving the result you are seeking. Chris was able to assess me on the first visit and come up with a realist achievable fitness program that would allow me to build up my exercise. Chris being a fully qualified personal trainer could help me achieve my goals without fear of injury or strain and at the same time push me and encourage me to improve. All this and regular weekly sessions in the privacy of my own home also meant no fear of embarrassment as some may find if using a gym.

I now continue with my weekly sessions with Chris but have also joined a gym near my work and follow Chris’s program. I have purchased a bike and am cycling and enjoying running now. Having a personal trainer can be the difference of seeing it through and not failing. Chris of www.personaltrainerdirect.co.uk also has made the whole thing fun so that you actually want to do the program as the results become so evident so relatively quickly. Chris monitors and assesses progress made and this is so encouraging in it ‘self. I have seen my blood pressure come down from a high level, now I no longer have to worry about this as it is on the good side of normal. Now just 7 months after eating healthily and after 5 months of training with Chris I am a respectable 12 stone 3 lbs. I have more energy, enjoy far better agility and best of all I feel good about myself and am told I actually look a whole lot better.

Thank you Chris for helping me change my lifestyle and for your knowledgeable encouragement and mentoring...

Stephen Chidgey