sports specific training

Sports Specific Training

All sports are not the same and so different training techniques need to be used to achieve the correct body conditioning for the specific sport. For example, a marathon or distance runner will need to predominantly train their aerobic energy system, a golfer however, may need to work on their strength and core stability in order to provide better balance and to hit the ball further.

Before designing an exercise programme I will always carry out a needs analysis to establish what the components of the sport are and how you the client wish to improve within that sport. This will lead to the setting of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed). By carrying out a fitness assessment I will be able to establish a training zone analysis ensuring that you train at the right intensity for your goals, maximizing your workout time.

55 – 70% Max Heart Rate - Moderate Zone (Fat Burning)

70 – 80% Max Heart Rate - Fitness Zone (Cardiovascular)

80 – 90% Max Heart Rate - Performance Zone 1

90 – 100% Max Heart Rate - Performance Zone 2

I will provide you with a detailed, periodised and sport specific programme that will lead to serious performance improvements whatever your sport. Throughout your training I will provide the knowledge, support and encouragement needed to help keep you motivated and focused on your goal.

What PTD clients say...

"Chris' knowledge expertise and professionalism are an inspiration to all of our aspiring professional tennis players"

Adrian Williams, Performance Programme Manager - LevertonWilliams Tennis