Resistance training

Resistance Training

Whatever the physique you’re aiming for, or sporting goal you want to achieve, it is almost certain that resistance training will have a role in attaining it. Whether you are trying to tone up or build muscle resistance training is the best way to change your body shape.

Resistance training is the main component in improving muscular fitness, this is of fundamental importance in everyday life and vital for maintaining an independent lifestyle. Muscular fitness can determine an individual’s mobility and capability to enjoy leisure activities.

Together we will establish whether your goals are muscular strength or muscular endurance; I will then design you a progressive training programme utilising a variety of training methods in order to overload the required muscle fibres, to ultimately reach your goal.

What PTD clients say...

"I'm delighted with what we achieved together Chris. You pitch it just right and I'd recommend you to anyone! "

Siobhan Brook