Nutrional advice


Everyday we are confronted with articles, advertising and television programmes that are aimed at informing us what we should or should not be eating for health, to loose weight, to gain weight or to improve sporting performance. Companies spend millions of pounds trying to convince us why their product is better than the rest, so much so, it can become very confusing.

I can offer you advice on what constitutes a healthy diet, which basically comes down to sufficient amounts of all the essential nutrients. These include:

- Proteins
- Fats
- Carbohydrates
- Vitamins
- Minerals
- Water

Working together, taking into account healthy eating guidelines, I will advise you what can be done to improve your current diet, which together with a structured exercise programme will ultimately lead you to achieving your goals.

What PTD clients say...

"Chris has been brilliant at listening to my needs and also motivating me to attain the goals we set. I am also noticing big changes in my body every week."

Ben Bailey