Flexibility training


Flexibility is the ability to move muscles and joints through their full range of movement. Flexibility can be developed through regular proper stretching techniques of which there are several, including static, passive, active and dynamic stretching, along with more advanced strategies like proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

Stretching is widely seen as a method of reducing the risk of injury, but stretching can provide many other benefits from improved sporting performance, to increasing mental and physical relaxation and reducing the risk of back problems.

Stretching should be an integral part of all exercise programmes, undertaken following a sufficient warm up and as part of or after a cool down phase.

I can provide you with a planned, regular flexibility-training programme that will progressively over time increase your usable range of movement.

What PTD clients say...

"I have more energy, enjoy far better agility and best of all I feel good about myself"

Stephen Chidgey